Bergkastel Adventure Mountain in Nauders

The peak of holiday fun

Would you like a whole mountain of adventures on your holiday? You can have one! 

At Bergkastel Adventure Mountain in Nauders memorable adventures await tourists of all ages. From gold panning to geocaching and from bike parcour to minigolf – up on the mountain is where the real holiday highlights live!

That the beautiful Bergkastel is also a much-loved destination for hikers should come as no surprise. Some of the prettiest hikes in the region start from the Bergkastel cable car anyway! 

Off we go – with the summer lifts

The adventure park at Bergkastel should be right at the top of the Nauders holiday to-do list. All well and good – but how do you get there, I hear you ask. Don’t worry, there’s no need to spend hours hiking up the mountain before starting your adventures in the park - unless of course you want to! Otherwise, you can jump into a comfy summer lift. The Bergkastel cable car and Zirm lift take hikers, bikers and adventure hunters quickly and easily up to the peak of holiday fun.

Money-saving tip: With the Summercard GOLD and the 3-Country Card, you can go up and down the mountain free of charge! 

Operating hours summer 2020

  • Mutzkopfbahn Sa. 30.05. - Mo. 01.06., Sa. 06.06. - So. 07.06., Do. 11.06. - So. 14.06., Sa. 20.06. - So. 21.06., daily open 27.06. - 11.10.2020 and 17. / 18. und 24. /25./ 26. october. 2020
  • Bergkastelbahn Sa. 30.05. - Mo. 01.06., Sa. 06.06. - So. 07.06., Do. 11.06. - So. 14.06., Sa. 20.06. - So. 21.06., daily open 27.06. - 11.10.2020
  • Schöneben  Information will follow shortly
  • Haideralm  Information will follow shortly
  • Zirmbahn Sa., 27.06. - 06.09.2020 from thursday till sunday, 12./13., 19./20. and 26./27. Septemeber 2020
To the summer cable cars

The hiking is delightful

The unique mountain terrain around Nauders is a much-loved meeting point for hikers. No wonder, since lakes, mountain pastures, blooming alpine flowers and unrivalled panoramas line the routes. The beautiful trails of all levels of difficulty start out directly from the Bergkastel cable car station. Discover, for example, on the easy ‘Plamortrunde’, glittering reservoirs and old bunkers. Or how about a more challenging trail from Bergkastel to the idyllic Goldseen lakes?

Not ready to take off your hiking boots just yet? In the Nauders holiday region there are many more highlights for hikers.


Golden family time at the Goldwasser Adventure Park

Fresh air in your nostrils, a gold panning tray in your hands and the lapping of the Yukon in your ears. Stop! – You aren’t in Canada at all! But panning for gold in the Goldwasser Adventure Park does make you feel like you’ve been transported to another world! Tap into the pioneering spirit of the gold panners and hunt for treasure in the middle of the Nauders mountains. Who knows, the first nugget could be sparkling between your fingers very soon.

But the Goldwasser Adventure Park still has much more to offer! In the vast water park it’s not just the little ones who like to splash, spray and experiment with water tippers, mill wheels and damns! The big highlight is the giant sandpit with a climbing frame.

On the themed walkway with a low-rope course, in the Nauderix maze or in the crystal cave, there are many more adventures waiting for young and young-at-heart explorers. The best part is that the kids can collect Goldwasser passport stamps at selected activity stations. At the end there is a small prize in the Bergkastel panorama restaurant!

Family tip: Despite the exposed location at Bergkastel, the area is suitable for pushchairs.

Goldwasser Erlebniswelt
Golden time with the family
Erlebnisberg Bergkastel

Scavenger hunt for cool kids in the Bullzone

New to Adventure Mountain is a special kind of scavenger hunt in the Bullzone, ready for little nature students. How does it work? Quire simply, with geocaching! You don’t know about it? Then it’s about time you did! Equipped with a smartphone app or a treasure map, head off over hill and dale at Bergkastel, always searching for the next clue – and the mysterious bull! Who knows, there could be a little surprise waiting at the end, in the Stieralm, for successful treasure hunters?


As fit and strong as a bull

Next to the digital scavenger hunt in the Bullzone, you’ll find another challenge, waiting for holiday guests of any age. You can prove your skill, endurance and power at eight activity stations in the Fit Bull Fitness Parcour. Who will jump the highest? Who is the most flexible? And who is the strongest? An exciting competition between Mum, Dad, Uncle, Aunt and the kids!

Practice makes perfect – at the bike parcour

Pedal pushers of all ages can find their very own bike playground at the Nauders bike parcour, right next to the Nauders Seilbahn Centre. The practice parcour at Bergkastel is the perfect place to refresh and hone your technique, before you head onto the breathtaking trails nearby. Could you do with a little help? No problem! Experienced bike guides are available on site with advice and practical help.


Have fun and celebrate in the BERGGENUSS Restaurants

Mountain air makes you hungry – and mountain adventures even more so! So it’s good that on the Bergkastel Adventure Mountain there are nearly as many places to stop for refreshments as there are attractions! From the romantic mountain huts to the castle taverns, from the panorama restaurant to the rustic pastures – batteries can be quickly recharged here in the unique ambience. 

But the BERGGENUSS Restaurants don’t stop at being the perfect place to stop for a snack board on a family trip. They also offer an unparalleled atmospheric setting for events of any kind. One thing is certain: A wedding, company celebration or birthday party up on the mountain won’t be forgotten in a hurry!


Mountain Restaurants

Bergbahnen Nauders – “Ausgezeichnete Österreichische Sommerbahn“: 

Bergbahnen Nauders – “Ausgezeichnete Österreichische Sommerbahn“: 

Der Familien-Genuss-Berg - Bergkastel 

Die Gipfelstürmer. 20 ausgezeichnete Tiroler Sommer-Bergbahnen sorgen für Bergerlebnisse mit Qualitätsgarantie. 
Die 20 ausgezeichneten Tiroler Sommer-Bergbahnen sorgen für Ihr schönstes Bergerlebnis: Nach strengen Kriterien geprüft und mit dem Gütesiegel „Besten Österreichischen Sommer-Bergbahnen“ vom Fachverband der Seilbahnen der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich ausgezeichnet, schaffen die Themenberge Bergerlebnisse mit Qualitätsgarantie. In Nauders wurde dabei die Erlebniswelt Goldwasser mit der Spezialisierung „Familie“ ausgezeichnet. Details finden Sie unter

Ausgezeichnete Sommerbahnen