Hiking tour

Large Schafkopf, 3.000 m

The summit tour is one of the highlights of the mountain tours in Nauders. After the Bergkastel cable car ascent, follow the signposted paths up to the Goldsee lakes. From there continue to Perdossscharte. To the east, a ridge first leads to the summit of the Mataunkopf (2,865 m). The route continues directly along the border between Italy and Austria (No. 45), with a deep view of Langtauferertal, to the large Schafkopf (3,000 m). To get back, either descend via Trail No. 21 or via the somewhat more difficult Trail No. 31 to the upper Mataun pastures. The route continues through Saletztal and over mountain meadows (No. 23) to Piengalm. Trail no. 19a leads back to the Bergkastel mountain station. A longer descent variant leads from Piengalm on Trail no. 19a to the mountain resort of Jochelius. From there the route goes over the Holy Tree pastures on foot into the valley.
Tour details
Highest point
Start point
Bergkastel Bergstation
End point

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