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Prutz via Römerweg trail

Starting point: Schlossweiher pond (grid square F4)
Character: only downhill, partly in the forest
Description: Go towards Obladis, but immediately after the first house go right onto the Hohlweg trail down to the tennis court. At the crossing which comes soon after, either go right on the trail to the Felsenburg, which becomes quite flat, and then down to the left on the asphalted road to the Innbrücke bridge or go straight ahead to the vehicle road to the Asterhöfe.

Roundabout trails:
From Ladis on the Römerweg (ancient Roman trail) no. 31 towards Prutz, as described. At the crossing below the Panzer, go right to the Felsenburg, where trail no. 30 crosses. Keep right. At the last houses, the forest trail
up to Hallagras begins and follow it. Return to Ladis on the street. Walking time approx. 1 3/4 hours.
Highest point
Start point
Schlossweiher pond
End point

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