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Hiking highlight with no borders

Walking panorama

Hiking highlight with no borders

Experience the impressive views and nature in the middle of this picturesque border country.




A new tourist attraction in Nauders awaits all visitors interested in nature and history. Three trails have...

Walking highlight

Edelweiss climb 

Walking highlight

Discover our Edelweiss climb - a unique walking trail bordered with meadows covered in edelweiss...


Goldwasser experience world


Enjoy games. fun and excitement in unspoiled scenery on the Bergkastel. The experience world is located right...


NEW to the adventure mountain: BULLZONE - scavenger hunt at the Bergkastel in Nauders

Teens search for treasure: The BULLZONE has a special new feature for kids over 9 - a cool geocaching track with multiple stations that leads up to the Stieralm. Young geocachers can tackle the adventure trail using either a treasure map or a smartphone. Each station provides clues as to where the next one can be found. It tells the exciting story of a bull. At the end of the (digital) scavenger hunt, there is a surprise for every successful scavenger at the Stieralm.

Bullzone using the Nauders app

  • Download the Nauders app onto your smartphone
  • Register with the Bullzone. Enable all notifications (iPhone -> enable notifications (notifications for first app use) Android -> Settings -> Apps -> Nauders -> Enable notifications)
  • Bluetooth must be activated!
  • The treasure card can also help you search for clues.
  • At each station, you will find a new clue for the next point on your smartphone and at the station.
  • Once you have found all eight clues, you will get the password for a small present at the Stieralm.
  • HAVE FUN ;)


… using the treasure map:

The Bullzone track is a scavenger hunt with 8 stations. These stations are marked on the treasure card and numbered from 1 to 8. At each station you will find a small table with a new clue detailing where to find the next station. The clue will help you find the next station and ultimately the bull.

… using a smartphone:

You can also use the Nauders app on your smartphone to search for the bull. The clues that are found on the small tables at the stations are sent to your mobile phone. You need to be in close proximity to the stations in order to receive the clues on your mobile phone.

Download the Nauders app onto your smartphone and register.

Enable all notifications. (iPhone: Enable notifications - notifications upon initial app start / Android: Settings -> Nauders app -> Enable notifications)

Activate Bluetooth!

Register with the Nauders app.
Click on BULLZONE GEOCACHING and follow the clues.

Please note the following when searching for the bull:

1. Read the text on the table or smartphone carefully! It will tell you what you need to know to find the next station.

2. Look at the map carefully! Here you will see whether the next clue is situated to the right or left of the trail. Special information is also marked on the map, such as a crooked tree or large stone on a tree trunk. This will help you locate the next clue even faster.

3. Take note of the tips on the edge of the trail! They tell you when you need to pay extra attention.

4. Explore away from the trail! The clues are not hidden directly on the trail (that would be too easy!). You should carefully explore to the left and right of the trail.

We hope you have fun!

The team at Nauders mountain railways


Your adventure begins

To protect a bull against certain death, he was brought to the Bergkastel for safety. The bull suddenly disappeared out of carelessness and it is your job to follow the clues to track him........

Here is the first clue

The bull encountered a tree in its path, which is now quite lopsided and has almost fallen down.

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