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E bike - in with a tailwind

Let yourself be cycled! Particularly in the Alps, E-biking makes twice as much fun for half the effort. In the Tri Country bike arena on the Reschen Pass we recognised the trend towards electric bikes very early, and Nauders has been an official E bike destination for some time now.

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In Nauders you can rely on a dense network of hire and battery charging stations from the renowned company MOVELO. Steep routes are no longer quite so strenuous for ambitious mountain bikers, and you have more time to take in the scenery on the flat stretches along rivers. Different fitness levels between partners can be completely balanced by battery power, which means nothing can get in the way of your shared summit experience.

Breathlessness and premature exhaustion spoil the great feeling of reaching your training goal in a healthy way. Despite the “motor power” you can be out and about in the mountains, practically silent and 100% emission free.

With MOVELO as a partner, we have also managed to close the last gap on the long distance Via Claudia Augusta route. This has now been closed with hire and charging stations in the Tirolean Oberland.


weather & Snow current

open ascent assistances

48 / 56

Nauders Bergkastel

Bergkastelseilbahn cable car
Zirmbahn 8 person chairlift
Tscheyeckbahn 6person chairlift
Gaislochbahn 6person chairlift
Lärchenhang I (am Donnerstagabend) 2 person chairlift
Lärchenhang II 2 person chairlift
Almlift drag lift
Goldseelift drag lift
Ganderbildlift drag lift
Panoramalift drag lift
Ideallift drag lift
Tallift drag lift

Kaunertaler Gletscher

Ochsenalmbahn I 4 person chairlift
Ochsenalmbahn II 4 person chairlift
Nörderjoch I drag lift
Weißseeferner I drag lift
Weißseeferner II drag lift
Falginlift drag lift
Karlesjochbahn cable car

Skigebiet Fendels

Ried-Fendels cable car
Zinggelift drag lift
Bibilift drag lift
Sattelbahn 4 person chairlift
Hammerlift drag lift
Planggerlift drag lift


Piz-Schöneben cable car
Jochbahn 6person chairlift
Fraitensesselbahn 6person chairlift
Rojensesselbahn 4 person chairlift
Zwölferkopfsessellift 3 person chairlift
Pofellift drag lift


Umlaufbahn - Haideralm cable car
Haideralmsessellift 3 person chairlift
Valatschlift drag lift


Dorflift in Feichten (Talbereich) drag lift

Genussberg Venet

Skigebiet Venet cable car


Skigebiet Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis 6person chairlift


Skigebiet Samnaun-Ischgl 8 person chairlift


Seilbahn Sektion I cable car
Seilbahn Sektion II cable car
Madritsch 4 person chairlift
Schöntauf I 4 person chairlift
Schöntauf II 4 person chairlift
Langenstein 2 person chairlift
Des Alpes 4 person chairlift
Kanzel 2 person chairlift
Rosimbahn cable car
Übungslift Sonnenhang drag lift
Übungshang Cevedale drag lift


Kleinboden 2 person chairlift
Furkelhütte 2 person chairlift
Schönblick 2 person chairlift
Schölmental drag lift
Förderband drag lift


Höllentalbahn cable car
Verbindungsbahn Schöneben-Haideralm cable car

open ascent assistances

3 / 3

Nauders Bergkastel

Bergkastelseilbahn cable car


Piz-Schöneben cable car


Umlaufbahn - Haideralm cable car

open facilities

3 / 3

Nauders Bergkastel

Panoramarestaurant Bergkastel

open winter hiking trails

27 / 30

Nauders Bergkastel

Entlang der alten Straße 5000 m 92 m


Wiesele Fendels 9000 m 326 m
Lärchenwiese Fendels 5500 m 221 m
Runde Fendels 2000 m 34 m


Harbe Naturparkhaus 4000 m 160 m


Kauner Wiesen 2000 m 48 m


Talwanderweg (Kaunertal) 25000 m 30 m

Nauders Bergkastel

Tiefer Sommerweg 12000 m 400 m
Novelleshof mit Rundblick über das Vinschgau und Etschtal 2700 m 301 m
Berggasthof Parditsch 1641 m - mit Ortlerblick 2500 m 256 m
Berggasthof Riatschhof 2600 m 179 m
Schwarzer See im Naturschutzgebiet m m
Grüner See 4700 m 494 m
Zur Kompatschkapelle 1617 m 5300 m 256 m
Piengtal zum Jochelius 1857 m 5000 m 469 m
Rosskopfrunde 3700 m 118 m
Norbertshöhe - Mösle Schöpfwarte - Selleswiesen 2400 m 117 m


Aussichtsplattform Adlerblick 2500 m 300 m
Winkl 1500 m 15 m
Lärchenwaldweg 1500 m 15 m

Nauders Bergkastel

Seenrunde (Mutzkopf) 10369 m 644 m
Höferunde (Mutzkopf) 5854 m 462 m


Tscheylücke - Richtung Frudiger 4000 m 570 m
Tscheylücke - Kapelle Maria Schnee 1000 m 50 m

Nauders Bergkastel

Zur Stieralm 1000 m 116 m


Pfunds - Mini Fundus - Via Claudia - Kajetansbrücke 2600 m 50 m
Pfunds - Badsteig - Kajetansbrücke 2400 m 50 m
Kajetansbrücke - Altfinstermünz 3400 m 50 m

Ried im Oberinntal

Faggenpromenade Prutz - Faggen 2500 m 50 m
Hohlenegg - Rodelhütte Ried 4500 m 300 m

Gleich drei Fernradwege verlaufen mitten durch bzw. in der Nähe von Nauders

E-Bike Akkuladestationen und Verleihbetriebe 


Erlebnishotel Fendels - E-Bike Verleih- und Akkuladestation


Talstation Bergkastel Seilbahn - E-Bike Ladestation

e- bike lab station

Hotel Post Nauders

Unsere Bikeshuttles bringen Sie und Ihr Rad bequem ans Ziel!

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