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Hiking highlight with no borders

Walking panorama

Hiking highlight with no borders

Experience the impressive views and nature in the middle of this picturesque border country.




A new tourist attraction in Nauders awaits all visitors interested in nature and history. Three trails have...

Walking highlight

Edelweiss climb 

Walking highlight

Discover our Edelweiss climb - a unique walking trail bordered with meadows covered in edelweiss...


Goldwasser experience world


Enjoy games. fun and excitement in unspoiled scenery on the Bergkastel. The experience world is located right...

Signage Bike Trail Tirol - Mountain bikes

The common signage system on the Bike Trail Tirol guides mountain bikers safely where they want to go, without any wrong turns.



The levels of difficulty:


Blue routes

Family friendly, cycle routes, manageable with normal bikes with a good road surface (fine gravel, asphalt or similar surface.) Climbs and descents between 0% and 5%, maximum 10% on short stretches. Alternate climbs and descents, no continuous climbs. Car / vehicle free or low use roads. There are no particular dangerous areas, or hazardous areas are specially indicated (e.g.with signs).


Red route

Requires a degree of sports bike ability and particularly defensive riding. Mountain bike equipment is recommended. Climbs and descents between 5% and 12%, maximum 17% on short stretches. There are blind, winding sections of road. You are likely to encounter vehicle traffic which may need the full width of the road. Road details, including road conditions, drainage facilities (e.g water coils), barriers (e..g. gates), safety facilities (e.g.missing rails and fences) and information about dangerous areas, area designated for use exclusively by agricultural vehicles, tractors and lorries. Features of this nature can represent a hazard to cyclists in themselves. You may encounter barriers on the road for commercial purposes (e.g. logging and forestry transport), goods in storage on the route, commercial materials and idle machinery, as well as hazards caused by natural events at any time. Steep terrain beside the route is not safe

Black route

Demanding MTB route with frequent hazardous points, exceeding the maximum gradient of a red route and with more difficult characteristics. MTB equipment is obligatory. Riding in a forward-looking manner. adapted to the conditions, is required.


Single trail


Extreme, demanding route, not passable in a car. Character of an Alpine ascent, with all the associated Alpine hazards. A fall is possible, no safety infrastructure such as fences, very steep. You may encounter obstacles such as high steps, roots and boulders. Not always passable, depending on riding ability, sections where you must push or carry. Storm damage can often make these routes passable only with difficulty.


Observe all rules and occasional unavoidable barriers in your own interest:

► Always drive at a controlled speed and note that there may be a hazard at any time, particularly on corners (e.g. road damage, stones, fallen trees, wood piles, cattle, cattle grids, barriers, forestry tractors, authorised vehicles)!

► Show consideration to hikers and pedestrians, only overtake at walking pace!

►Consider the difficulty of the route and estimate your experience and ability as a biker accurately!

► Protect your head with a helmet and check your equipment before the start of every bike trip (brakes, bell, lights)!

► Stop at any gates and accept that this path is mainly used for agriculture and forestry purposes! Close all pasture gates!

► Be considerate to nature and wildlife, do not leave the marked route, do not ride off the open route, and finish your ride before dusk. Do not leave any rubbish behind!

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