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Hiking highlight with no borders

Walking panorama

Hiking highlight with no borders

Experience the impressive views and nature in the middle of this picturesque border country.




A new tourist attraction in Nauders awaits all visitors interested in nature and history. Three trails have...

Walking highlight

Edelweiss climb 

Walking highlight

Discover our Edelweiss climb - a unique walking trail bordered with meadows covered in edelweiss...


Goldwasser experience world


Enjoy games. fun and excitement in unspoiled scenery on the Bergkastel. The experience world is located right...

Rudi Rucksack 

The story, how Rudi Rucksack came to Tyrol. 



A loud "Tuuuut, Tuuut" and the train enters the station. Lisa loves riding in trains, much more than riding in a car. Nevertheless, she stands at the exit, fidgety, as this is the first time she is on holiday in Tyrol, all alone with her dad. And in the valley, where Papa used to quite often spend time with Grandpa. After arriving at the hotel, Lisa wants to see the new playground right away. "Not so fast, young lady!", Papa calls to her from the bedroom. "Do you remember the picture of Grandpa and myself on the mountain pasture?" "Of course! It hangs in our kitchen", she says. "That's exactly what I mean. The best bacon dumplings are served on this pasture, that´s where we go first, I think I can still remember a great short-cut". Both take their backpacks and off they go!

At last, in the forest! They suddenly stand in front of a crossroad. Lisa looks at her father with a big question mark on her face: "Which way are we supposed to go?" He also muses, "I also don´t know any more". Then, his face lights up. "Rudi Backpack can help us! A long time ago, your grandfather told me the story of a good forest spirit whom only children can call. Fortunately, I can still remember the saying. Lisa, call out as loud as you can: "One-two-three, Rudi Backpack, come over here! Two-three-four, show me what you can do!" That was it, suddenly, a figure with thin arms and legs and with big balls eyes peeks out from behind a fir tree. "Hello, I am Rudi, can I help you?" He asks in a friendly, knotty voice.

"Which way leads to the pasture?" Lisa asks. "Phew, quite a good question! I don´t have a map, but we can build a special compass!" He takes a needle from his belly, rubs it on his felt hat, then places it on a leaf in a puddle. It immediately begins to turn and finally points in one direction. "Thank you! You´re the greatest! Will you come along with us? "Lisa exclaims, excited. "A pleasure!" Rudi laughs, swinging on to Lisa's back and falls silent, as if he had fallen asleep.

After a while, they reach a wide brook and there is no bridge in view. Lisa shouts, "One-two-three, Rudi Rucksack, come over here! Two-three-four, show me what you can do!" Immediately, the talking rucksack begins to rummage in his belly. A diving goggles jumps out, "this will help us little". He suddenly holds a long cord in his hands, "I've been looking for this magic rope!" As if by magic, it stretches across the water. Thus, Lisa and her companions can safely wade through the brook. - "We managed it! Thanks Rudi!"

However, after a while, Papa looks up to the sky and worries, "the dark clouds don´t look too good, I can already feel the first rain drops." - Lisa is afraid of thunderstorms. Without hesitating, she calls out: "One-two-three, Rudi Rucksack, come over here! Two-three-four, show me what you can do!" Once again, the forest spirit begins to rummage in his belly. He then comes up with a noodle sieve and looks at Lisa and her father questioningly. "No, in this case, we need something else, a tent or something". Rudi continues to search, holding a large tarp in his hands, "I don´t have any tent poles." "But you still have the magic rope! We´ll just tie that between two trees, cover it with the tarp and we will have our shelter", Lisa explains excitedly. When the first big drops begin to fall, all three are already cuddled beneath the tarp and are happy that the pasture is only a stone´s throw away.

Soon, the thunderstorm passes and the hike continues. "Look Papa, I can already see the hut!" Lisa calls. "And I can already smell the bacon dumpling soup!", laughed the father, "just like 30 years ago". At the pasture, Rudi Rucksack sadly says farewell: "All the best for you two, I must go back to my forest. Anyway, you know where to find me, and Lisa, tell your friends, too! "They waved him goodbye for a long time.

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