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Hiking highlight with no borders

Walking panorama

Hiking highlight with no borders

Experience the impressive views and nature in the middle of this picturesque border country.




A new tourist attraction in Nauders awaits all visitors interested in nature and history. Three trails have...

Walking highlight

Edelweiss climb 

Walking highlight

Discover our Edelweiss climb - a unique walking trail bordered with meadows covered in edelweiss...


Goldwasser experience world


Enjoy games. fun and excitement in unspoiled scenery on the Bergkastel. The experience world is located right...

Signage for the Tirol mountain path concept - walking

The common signage system based on the mountain path concept guides walkers safely where they want to go, without any wrong turns.



Signposts are the main form of signage for walking and mountain paths. And the number of signs is kept to a minimum to prevent a “forest” of signs in the natural environment. Fundamentally, signposts are placed at every major junction, turn, or fork in the road. These signposts are yellow and contain the destination, journey time and route number. In addition, there is a red dot on medium difficulty routes, and a black dot on difficult mountain routes.  


Location boards

Location boards contain the name and height of the location where the board is located.


Ground markings

Between the individual signposts, you will also find ground markings which are generally painted on stones. The paths are marked on the ground or at fixed pints on the edge of the path (rock face. wooden peg etc.) to prevent users from straying from the path in poor visibility or when bad weather comes in (light covering of fresh snow). The first ground markings are located within sight of the signpost. Subsequent ground markings are then located in such a way that they are clearly visible in both directions, and designed uniformly over the whole course of the route.


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