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Skiparadise Nauders

Piste panorama

Skiparadise Nauders

Ski area panorama - the entire ski paradise at a glance...

Ski pass rates winter 2018/19

Winter rates 2018/19

Ski pass rates winter 2018/19

All ski pass rates for 2018/19 at a glance! 211 kilometres of winter fun.

Nauders Ski Depot

All-in-one ski depot in the cable railway centre

Nauders Ski Depot

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Experience a unique Snowcat.Enjoyment.Trip with a panoramic sunset view over the Nauders mountains.

Ski tours

Fantastic scenes in undisturbed scenery

Due to its location right on the main crest of the Alps, at the junction of three important Alpine valleys, the Upper Inn valley in North Tirol - South Tirol VInschgau and the Swiss Engadine, as well as the three mountain groups: Ötztal Alps, Sesvenna - and Samnaun group the Reschen Pass region is an outstanding starting point for ski tours of every kind!

Route Elevation Duration Description
Schmalzkopf 2,724 m 1100 m 3.5 hrs Traditional skiing mountain, descent into Pfunds at 1,800 m possible!
Goasspleisenkopf 2,721 m 1,350 m 4.5 hrs Ridge scramble- upwards easily through the isolated Gamortal - chamois territory! Descent through steep gullies possible in good weather conditions
Schartlkopf 2,810 m 1,450 m 4.5 h Via Stables Tscheyeck ski area on another 1.5 hrs. 5 different descent options
Mataunkopf 2,895 m 600 m 2.5 hrs From Bergkastel ski area descent on the north side, but also plenty of powder snow, with little climbing
Nauderer Hennasiegel 3,045 m 1100 m 4 hrs After ascent to the Gueserkopf 2,800 m, descent into Nauders Tschey at around 1,900 m, then climb through an isolated, peaceful high valley to the Hennasiegel and then a 15km long, over 2,100 m descent through the Radurscheltal Valley - Hohenzollernhaus - to Pfunds. 3000 metre height difference and 20km of powder snow with an ascent!
Bergkastels Peak 2,915 m 400 m 2.5 hrs Pure ridge scramble! Ascent via Gold Lakes also possible. Southerly steep descent or steep gullies on the northerly side
Tri Country summit Piz Lad 2,808 m 1300 m 4 hrs Ascent directly from the Reschen Pass via the Reschner Alm. The summit slope is a dream south facing firn run!
Mitterloch Peak 3,176 m (Langtaufers) 850 m 3 hrs North face powder run, possibly as far as Kapron 1,650m
Piz Malmurainza 3.038 m from Tschlin - Engadine 1600 m 5 hrs Superlative firn tour


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