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winter 21/22

Our motto “So far, so good” applies more than ever this winter.

status: 16.04.22 | 11:30 a.m.

Every step is an adventure

For years, Nauders’ development has been characterised by sustainability. Away from larger crowds, our region captivates with an extensive ski resort, 3-country mountain panorama and the best air quality. 

Nauders offers a spacious and unadulterated landscape of more than 90,300,000 m². Thanks to the moderate number of guest beds, it offers maximum space for a holiday at a distance. 
The wide range of winter services together with the perfectly developed infrastructure are the ideal conditions for holidaying at a “distance”.
Since the health and safety of our guests, staff and residents is our top priority, all regulations relating to Covid-19 will be strictly adhered to.

For the winter season the entire Nauders on the Reschen Pass region has decided on clear regulations and clearly defined measures.
We will do our best to ensure that you have a safe and relaxing holiday in Nauders. We have summarised the most important information, guidelines and measures regarding COVID-19 for you here.


Our ski area Nauders is open from 15.12.2021 - 18.04.2022

  • Leisure and sport - indoor and outdoor - is possible 
  • Indoor is a mandatory FFP2-mask wearing for hospitals, essential trade (groceries, pharmacy), public transports and the stations of public transports valid

Entry rules for Austria (from 22.02.22)

From 22.02.22 the entry rules for Austria were adapted: the basic rule is the 3G-rule. Excluded are only virus-variant areas.

For the entry to Austria the 3G-rule is valid (vaccinated, recovered or tested) - for the entry to Austria from all countries.

  • If you do not have a valid 3G-proof, the registration and quarantine is necessary 
  • Kids under 12 years are exclulded


For the return trip please respect the rules of the appropriate country.

Safety precautions and measures from 16.04.22 at a glance:

  • 3G-rule for the entry to Austria
  • FFP2-masks for hospitals, the essential trade (groceries, pharmacy), public transports and the stations of public transports valid
  • Green Pass: 2-dose-vaccinations are valid for 180 days. Booster-vaccinations are valid for 365 days.


Area of application of the 3G-rule:

  • excluded are kids under 12 years
  • excluded are youths until 15 years (if they have a valid "Holiday Ninja Pass")

Download the Holiday Ninja-Pass

Regulations at the border for the Dual-country skiing region

For the use of the Dual-country skiing region and the border traffic the following rules are valid:

  • Entry to Italy with the 3G-rule and online registration possible (kids from 6 years need the 3G-proof)
  • Use of the skiareas, restaurants, ect. in Italy with the 2G-rule possible (vaccinated or recoverd, from 12 years)


  • Entry to Austria with the 3G-rule possible (kids form 12 years nedd the 3G-proof)
  • Use of the skiareas, restaurants, ect. in Austria without proof possible

Test facilities in Nauders

In Nauders you have the possibility of free PCR-tests for all guests and locals in Tirol. (PCR-gargling self-tests). At this spots you can get the free tests and bring them back for the evaluation.

  • supermarket Spar Nauders
  • supermarket MPreis Nauders

The evaluation happens within 24 hours after the delivery. The result is valid for 72 hours from the decline. 

You also get PCR-gargling tests from the accommodations in Nauders.
For the pickup and the transaction of the tests there is a registration necessary. 

To the registration of the PCR-gargling tests

User manual PCR-gargling tests

Explanation video

All measures and safety precautions in Austria
To the detailed measures

What measures have we taken?

General information and organisation

These will point out our Covid-19 guidelines at the entrances to transport facilities, mountain restaurants in the Nauders ski resort and the sport shop and ski depot at the Nauders Cable Car Centre. Furthermore, we will regularly provide you with information in several languages by means of announcements in feeder lift entrance areas and ticket sales offices.

Regardless of the current legal regulations, we will organise queueing areas technically in a way that avoids groups of people standing together where possible.

We have installed adequate hand disinfection facilities at our cable car facilities and mountain restaurants in the Nauders ski resort.

By registering via the myVisitPass of the company fertael, we would like to create a simple and sevure way to contain the coronavirus. Contact persons can be tracked and contacted directly by the authorities. For restaurants, guest registration is obligatory according to the latest regulation. Other businesses, such as stores or mountain railroads, can carry out guest registration voluntarily. We summarized all informations about the myVisitPass for your holiday in Nauders at the Reschenpass.

Security with uniform contact tracing

Mountain restaurants in the Nauders on the Reschen Pass ski resort

All our food and drink menus can be viewed online or using a QR code directly in the mountain restaurants and feeder cable car cabins.

With our "Sitzfix" you have the possibility to reserve your seat/desk at one of our Berggenuss Restaurants in advance online - so your seat is guaranteed. More informations about the "Sitzfix" follow under

Nauderer Bergbahnen AG is specifically stepping up a range of cleaning activities. For example, this applies to cleaning and disinfecting tables/mountain restaurants as well as handrails, door handles and sanitary facilities. We have also shorted the intervals for filter cleaning in the ventilation systems.

Due to the new design of the Bergkastel panoramic restaurant from Dezember 2021 at the self-service area, the restaurant gives you a comfortable atmosphere and enough space for your lunch-break. The renovation of the self-service area with old-forest elements and a new arrangement of the different sectors of the food distribution ensures a smooth flow.

From Dezember 2021 the Nauderix children's restaurant at the Bergkastel shines in new splendor. The generous infrastructure is also suitable for children and offers enough space for lunch with enough distance for our small guests. With delicious dishes all kids can feel comfortable at the Nauderix children's restaurant.

Renovation self-service area Bergkastel panoramic restaurant

Redesign panoramic restaurant
First impressions self-service area

New children's restaurant at the Bergkastel

New children's restaurant
first impressions of the children's restaurant

Renovation Ski-Kindergarden Bergkastel

New Ski-Kindergarden
First impressions of the new Ski-Kindergarden

Our staff

Staff at the Nauders ski resort who come into contact with guests (restaurants, cable car, rescue areas) are instructed to wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth. 

The Tyrolean Oberland Tourism Association and Nauder mountain lifts as well as other companies have trained coronavirus representatives who ensure that the current regulations are regularly and immediately implemented.
People with health issues can contact cable car company staff at any time. We have several trained coronavirus representatives.

Parking at the valley station of the Bergkastelseilbahn

At the site of the Bergbahnen Nauders, directly at the valley station of the Bergkastelseilbahn there are enough parking spaces for all visitors for an individual approach by car.

What you can do to ensure a safe holiday in Nauders with and for each other:

  • Please carry a FFP2-mask/ a mask that covers the mouth and nose with you at all times and use it if the minimum distance from other people cannot be maintained.
  • Please ventilate cable car cabins during the ride, where appropriate.
  • Please note the general rules of hygiene and wash your hands regularly. Disinfectant dispensers are available at cable car stations and mountain restaurants.
  • Please follow conduct recommendations and instructions from our on-duty staff, especially relating to the applicable hygiene regulations.
  • Please make cashless or contactless payments wherever possible.
  • Please show personal responsibility and protect your own health and that of the people around you. Recommendation: the official “Stop Corona” app from the Austrian Red Cross.

Online reservations

Make reservations in advance wherever possible to avoid congestion during check-in/check-out or in restaurant areas. Please also follow the instructions of staff and make cashless/contactless payments wherever possible.

Travel insurance

We recommend taking out travel insurance for the upcoming winter season in advance.

Frequently asked questions:

If you have symptoms that could indicate a possible COVID-19 infection (fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, ...), please stay in your accommodation and immediately contact your accommodation’s reception or a doctor or the Austrian Health Hotline 1450 (available 24 hours a day)

  • Negative PCR-test: valid for 3 days (72 hours)
  • Negative antigen-test: valid for 1 day (24 hours)
  • Antigen-test for self-application: valid 1 day (24 hours)

For kids also the school-test are valid.
The 3-G-rule is valid for kids with 12 years or older.


  • valid for all persons after the compulsory education
  • excluded are kids under 12 years
  • exclluded are youths until 15 years (if they have a valid "Ninja Pass")

Green-Pass: 2-dose-vaccinations are valid for 180 days. Booster-vaccinations are valid for 270 days. Attention: The 1-dose vaccine by Johnson & Johnson is only valid until 3 January 2022, after that date a booster jab is required as well.

Village descent

The descent to the village is possible with good snow conditions with the skies to the castle Naudersberg and the Winterwunderwelt.

What is the current situation in Nauders?

For the current situation - see official cases in Tyrol. The development of case numbers in Austria as well as the federal state of Tyrol and Nauders is positive. The strict measures taken so far by the Austrian health authorities have been effective.

What i have to know for a holiday in tyrol
tour informations for a journey to tyrol

General information about the coronavirus in Tyrol, entry requirements guidelines for accommodation and restaurant establishments, etc.

Safe hospitality: the most important questions and answers relating to Covid-19

Subject to change without prior notice!

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