Locations & sights in Nauders

Its unique position on the high plateau on the Reschen Pass provides Nauders with all sorts of high points.

This does not just apply to sporting highlights from biking to skiing and from hiking to tobogganing. Nauders also likes to surprise you with cultural jewels and many other sights. 

Look for traces of history in Nauders and visit the renowned Schloss Naudersberg or Fort Nauders. Or how about a detour to the medieval town walls of Altfinstermünz? 

Over the borders

For anyone who wants to look beyond the horizon of Nauders, there are many more tourist destination and sights to be seen in the tri-country region. Consider planning a trip to Innsbruck, the Kaunertal glacier or Merano in neighbouring Italy.

All excursion destinations in the region at a glance

Top experience
Viewing platform at the three country view point
Breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains in Italy, Switzerland and of course Austria from the viewing platform on the Karlesjoch