Your Komfort ski depots in Nauders

For an easygoing skiing day

Hauling heavy skis around? Not in Nauders! With the Komfort ski depots you can start the skiing day fully relaxed.

In the new Bergkastelbahn Seilbahn Centre we have a practical, spacious and secure storage solution for your equipment; the new Komfort ski depots. They are essential for a relaxed skiing holiday.

Because who wants to have to shoulder their skis and exhaust themselves hauling them to the cable car before the first downhill run? Or have to go back to their accommodation before the après-ski to store their skis away safely? Exactly!

The best place for your ski equipment

The Komfort ski depots in the Seilbahn centre in Nauders have plenty of space for the whole family’s ski kit. Skis, poles, ski boots and helmets will also be dried automatically. The electronic locking system is easy to operate with your ski pass, and then your equipment is perfectly secure until the next skiing adventure! 

Off into skiing heaven. From the depot an escalator takes you directly to the bottom of the cable car – and off you go!

The ski depots in the Bergkastelbahn Seilbahn Centre ensure a comfortable start and end to your skiing day. The Komfort depots can be booked directly with many accommodation providers in Nauders.

Ski depot daily rent

Ski depot boxes can be rented for 18 euros/day at the visitor desks in the cable car centre. 

Manned day depot

If your accommodation provider does not have anywhere for you to leave your belongings, you can use the manned day depot in the sports shop at the new cable car centre. You ski equipment will be taken in on site.