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Summertime “boundary adventures”

do you like pushing the boundaries while on holiday? Then Nauders is exactly the right place for your summer holiday.


And we don’t just mean this figuratively! Just five kilometres separate you, in the Tyrolean tourist area, from the land boundaries with Italy and Switzerland. Many a time, while hiking, cycling and exploring in Nauders, the most beautiful “boundaries” appear all by themselves. 

Especially in the summer, the tourist area on the Reschen Pass has countless options to offer, for you to make good use of the mild temperatures outside. Whether a family holiday, a romantic weekend or a trip with friends - in Nauders everyone finds their personal summer high.

Endless holiday fun 

Hiking and mountain-climbing in Nauders

A rucksack full of memories

With over 300 kilometres of well-marked hiking and mountain trails, Nauders offers absolutely perfect conditions in which to conquer the Tyrolean mountains. From the easy two-lakes walk to the challenging mountain hike to the top of the Ganderbild, there is something for everyone’s taste and ability level. So, no more excuses! Put your hiking boots on your feet and your rucksack on your back and off you go on your mountain adventure!

Whether alone or in company on a guided tour – the Nauders interactive hiking map makes it practical and easy for you to find the prettiest routes in the area. So what are you waiting for? Discover a myriad of impressive hikes, such as the well-known Kaiserschützenweg …

Take the mountain railway to the top

Even though it’s better to “indulge” in nature with every step in Nauders, you can also allow yourself to be transported in comfort for the odd kilometre or two. And preferably, and conveniently, with the regional mountain lifts! To get to the starting point of the most beautiful hikes on the mountain, you often go by summer lift. The journey upwards, towards the top, in the gondola is an adventure in itself, especially for the little ones …

With the Reschen Pass mountain lifts, you can travel up the mountain quickly and in comfort. And the best bit? With the Summercard GOLD and the 3-Country Card you get lots of added extras!

See the queen of the alpine flowers
Hike along the Edelweiss Way
On the Edelweiss Way

Cycle in 3 countries 

Whether on a mountain bike, road bike or e-bike – every pedal pusher will get his money’s worth in the cycling area around Nauders on the Reschen Pass. 2,000 kilometres of mountain bike trails and cycle tracks. A cumulative elevation gain of 80,000 metres. The Italian and Swiss borders are close enough to touch – so who doesn’t want to jump straight in the saddle?

It would be difficult to find a bigger choice of routes and trails than that around the vast tableland of the Reschen Pass. Absolutely everyone finds a favourite route here – whether they are a hardcore or hobby cyclist, young or old. An easy family ride around Lake Reschen, an action-packed single track in the wild Val d’Uina. Or would you prefer a road-bike route on the Stelvio Pass or a leg of the long-distance cycle track, the Via Claudia Augusta? Passionate cyclists will find all these and many more saddle adventures, in the cycling El Dorado that is Tyrol.

Myriads of tracks, professional guides, top rental bikes, specialist bike hotels and bike transport – Nauders definitely deserves a gold star for everything it has to offer by way of cycling expertise. In the cycling scene, this means a seal of approval from the market consortium ‘Roadbike und Mountainbike Holidays’. For many years, the cycling area of Nauders-Reschenpass has been allowed to call itself an “Approved Bike Area”. It’s no wonder that the best cycling events in the world also regularly use the Nauders mountains as the stage for their top performance challenges!   

Did you know? The practical 3-Country Bike Card gives cyclists in Nauders a range of added extras – including bike transport on the mountain lifts!

Much more variety 

If your holiday calendar is not yet completely full with hiking, biking and relaxing, you’ll have a field day in Nauders. The breathtaking mountains around the Reschen Pass have so much outdoor adventure to offer that one holiday isn’t really enough to try everything.
Canyoning or paragliding. Kitesurfing, archery, climbing or fishing. Riding, carriage rides or an adventure day doing a parcour obstacle course. So, how is it looking with the free space in your calendar now?

Even just the adventures that await thrill-seeking visitors at Bergkastel can’t be counted on one hand. Feel the pioneering spirit while panning for gold. Hunt for treasure in the Bullzone. Minigolf, bike parcour or hiking. Or just enjoy a snack board or a divinely sweet apple strudel in a rustic Austrian hut?

All inclusive range. With the Nauders Summercard you can enjoy scores of extras on every level – the perfect holiday companion!

Mind the cows

Ten rules for a safe and enjoyable holiday around cattle

Respect for our natur and relevant appreciation for the alpe farming are decinding for an enjoyable holiday around the cows. Please take personal responsability when you are at the alp and respect the ten rules for a safe and enjoyable holiday around cattle, so that humans and animals are not vulnerable and our alps can stay open for the leisure time utilization.

Pure culture in Nauders

The in nature paradise on the Reschen Pass, also has plenty to offer in terms of culture. Fascinating museums and umpteen tourist attractions offer plenty of opportunities for eventful days out. Include in your holiday schedule a visit to the Altfinstermünz border post for example, or a romantic walk around Schloss Naudersberg. Or might your be more the kind of person for a fascinating herb hike in the meadows and fields around Nauders, or an enthralling guided tour around the village?  

There are also a great many top events in Nauders just waiting for culture lovers. From concerts to sporting events to exuberant festivals, we have everything here. Why not have a quick look through our events calender now and see what’s going on in Nauders!

You made your bed ...

…. now holiday in it! In Nauders on the Reschen Pass, everyone can find the type of holiday accommodation they like. Whether it’s a hotel, a holiday apartment or a holiday on a farm – all your holiday dreams will be met here.

You should spend summer in Nauders if...

  • … you like pushing the boundaries on holiday. In Nauders only 5 kilometres separate you from the Italian and Swiss borders.
  • … you don’t want to commit to just one outdoor sport activity, but would rather indulge yourself to your heat’s content.
  • you want to combine Tyrolean hospitality, la dolce vita and Swiss mountains
  • you love gentle winding, and especially horizontal, mountain experiences