Goldwasser Adventure Park

Panning for gold at 2,180 metres

Golden times for families in the Alpine Goldwasser Adventure Park at Bergkastel.

How do you pan for gold? How does an Archimedes’ screw work? What does a forest xylophone sound like? Families can find the answers to these questions and many more at over 2,180 metres at Bergkastel. 

Fun, games and excitement alternate with relaxing in nature at Bergkastel. What’s more, despite the exposed location of the adventure park, the whole area is accessible with a pushchair.

Paradise for families and explorers

Water park

Bucket wheels, mills, small waterfalls, dams, water mangers and much more awaits explorers at Bergkastel. The Goldwasser Adventure Park is located right by the panoramic restaurant and offers games and excitement in nature. Families experience the element of water in all its facets in the play park and could try their hand at damn-building for example. Cool, isn’t it!

A highlight of the water park is the giant sandpit with a climbing frame – because where there’s water, there should be sand.

Adventure-themed walkway

Look , listen, feel, and smell on this exciting themed circular trail. The trail runs through High Alpine nature stimulating the senses and is an experience for every generation. At the end of the adventure tour, you’ll find a low-rope course with slacklines, challenging you to do a balancing act. Both little and larger explorers can also relax every now and then at the Waldesruh recreation area – splendid views of Nauders are always included.

Looking for gold at Bergkastel

The Goldwasser passport

Children of any age can prove their skills at the activity stations. Who will find some gold? Who will knock down all nine skittles? And who is brave enough to try balancing on the tree stumps? For every task you solve, you can get a new stamp in your passport. At the end, there is a small reward for you in the Bergkastel panoramic restaurant. You can also take part in the Goldwasser grand prize draw every autumn. 

Activity stations at Nauderix Goldwasser

1.    Maze: Off we go into the Nauderix wooden maze. Winding paths lead towards the exit.
2.    Gold fever: Attention treasure hunters! At this activity station gold pieces need to be separated from the sand.
3.    Nine pin strike: Skill is required here – all nine skittle must be knocked over to get a stamp in your passport.
4.    Balancing: Balancing on the slackline gets you another stamp in your Goldwasser passport.
5.    Crystal cave: The crystal cave glitters with citrine, rock crystals and rose quartz. Only the brave amongst you will venture inside and get the last stamp in their passport. 

Playing at the mountain
at 2.200 meters