The best sights in Nauders

On a discovery tour in Tyrol

If you come to Nauders on holiday you will find some cultural gems in between the castles, fortresses and museums.

What is the best way to get to know your holiday destination? Doing sports activities or in the beautiful countryside? Relaxing at the region’s prime spots? You should definitely bring along a little bit of explorer spirit with you, too!

How better to bring the stories to life that make a resort than by experiencing the sights and cultural highlights at first hand? In Nauders there are plenty of them, that you really shouldn’t miss!

Historic border fortifications

That Nauders is a region with history, can be felt every step of the way. Because of its special location in the tri-country region, the area has always been influenced by different cultures. And the interplay between the peoples has not always been peaceful! In its turbulent history, Nauders has witnessed many battles for territories and estates.

The remains of the Alpine Wall still bear witness today to a particularly dark time. During the Second World War, an extensive defence line was built at Plamort to protect against an invasion by Hitler's Germany. Tank traps, bunker complexes, command posts – high above Nauders, after extensive refurbishment, you can still see many of the defensive constructions today. 

Tip: Combine sport with culture and build a mountain bike tour to the tank traps at Plamort into your schedule. As well as a touch of history there are wonderful views of Lake Reschen.

Alongside this thrilling tour there are many more MTB highlights in and around Nauders for keen cyclists. Jump into the saddle and take a look at the best mountain bike tours in the region.

Castle and fortresses

If you’ve ever fancied feeling like a damsel or a knight in shining armour, you’ll find even find royal stages on which to play the part in Nauders. You see, there are plenty of magical fortresses and castles in the local area whose ancient ruins you can stroll through while you’re here on holiday. 

For example, you could discover the magical Schloss Naudersberg and visit the fascinating museum in the former local court. A popular restaurant and even some holiday flats are located in the romantic castle today.

Those who want to immerse themselves into the era of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy should plan a visit to Fort NaudersThe five-storey rectangular structure holds court on the mountain pass over the Reschen, reminding visitors of days long gone when it served as a roadblock to stop invading troops. Today you will find a fascinating military museum there.

The most famous ruins in the region are the former border and customs station Altfinstermünz. A visit to the revered bridge with its huge tower is also a trip into the Middle Ages. Learn about the historical building, the secret rocky corridors and the natural caves on informative guided tours or explore the path steeped in history on your own.


Get to know Nauders with the locals

Who could know the secrets of the region better than the locals themselves? So it’s also best to dive into the village culture with those who are most deeply rooted in it! 

You will get the opportunity to do this, for instance, on a historic village walk, on which you will learn about Nauders from the Roman times up until today. Also on an aromatic herbal walk you will learn lots of exciting things about the power of the regional medicinal plants and herbs. Or how about a making a natural salveAfter all, nature is still the best chemist – if you know how to use it! 

Beyond the local borders

With its lovely location bordering three countries, crossing the cultural borders in Nauders is thoroughly recommended. There are, of course, countless scenic destinations very close by which really shouldn’t be missed, even if you’re not a die-hard culture lover.

Pay a visit to glamorous Innsbruck for example, and admire the famous “Golden Roof”, the magnificent Hofburg or Ambras Castle. The charming Merano is also definitely worth a day trip with its romantic town centre and Mediterranean flair.

Did you leave your car at home or you don't fancy sitting behind the wheel for a change? No problem! Just book an excursion organised by a local supplier and you can be chauffeur-drive to your destination!


Where nature meets culture

Natural spectacles with a touch of history – you can enjoy these, too, while on holiday in Nauders.

Plan for a detour to the imposing Kaunertal glacier where you will always find some perpetual ice, even in the height of summer. Even the drive there on the renowned Kaunertal glacier road is a memorable adventure, with 20 bends and unrivalled views.

A journey on the Bernina Express also magically combines a cultural jewel with unparalleled outdoor experiences. The Albula and Bernina stretches of the Rhaetian Railway run pretty much from the glacier to the palm trees – and in a landscape that is one of a kind. You will encounter 55 tunnels, 196 bridges and gradients of up to 70‰ on the train journey from Thusis to Tirano – a UNESCO World Heritage site, and rightly so! 


Top events with an Alpine view

Culture lovers find lots to celebrate in Nauders. Concerts with top international acts, prestigious sporting events, concerts or traditional customs and festivities.

From the traditional Almabtrieb (the ceremonial driving of cattle down from the mountain pastures in autumn) to the Enduro Camp, from the Rallye event to the après-ski party – in Nauders the memorable events line up one after the next!

You don’t want to miss anything on your holiday? Have a quick look at the events calendar now and you can look forward to eventful days and exciting evenings on your next holiday!