E-biking in Nauders on the Reschen Pass

Cycling with a tailwind

Experience electrifying fun on a bike in the 3-country cycling area on the Reschen Pass!

Cycling with only half the exertion – E-biking makes it possible. Cool, isn’t it! You can explore the Tyrolean Alpine region practically effortlessly like this, and with double the amount of fun! This leaves much more time for looking around, exploring and relaxing. 

The best bits about E-biking: Even cyclists who are not particularly ambitious can have fun on two wheels and a cycling partner’s lack of stamina can be easily corrected with the help of some battery power. What are you waiting for? The mountains are no longer standing in the way of a peak pedal experience!

Nauders - the E-bike destination

Explore the countryside in comfort

Keep the pedals turning, pedal by pedal up the mountain or along the cycle path – but never out of breath and exhausted with an E-bike! On an E-bike, a battery supports you when you push on the pedal. So even the steep tracks produce less sweat and are less daunting and there’s more time on cycle paths to enjoy the diverse nature.

Link: Cycle path network in Nauders 

E-Bike-Radwege in Nauders
Delightful cycling in Tyrol’s number one E-bike destination!

Perfectly equipped for your E-bike holiday

Nauders cycle hire

You don’t own an E-bike or just want to give one a try? In Nauders there are numerous rental outlets and bike shops. The professional staff will kit you out, not just with the most suitable bike for you, but also with all the accessories you’d like. So there’s nothing more standing between you and a wonderful E-bike trip through Nauders on the Reschen Pass!

Battery charging stations in Nauders

In Nauders you’re cycling into an extensive network of battery charging stations provided by the well-known supplier, MOVELO. So you don’t need to worry about ever getting stuck without the help of the electric pedal. MOVELO has even succeeded in bridging the last gap on the Via Claudia Augusta long-distance cycling route. This means the Tyrolean Oberland is now fully equipped with rental depots and battery charging stations.

Link: More on the long-distance cycling routes


The region’s bike shuttle services

Reach your destination in comfort

Whether using the Vinschger railway in South Tyrol, the Landeck-Nauders’ Huckepack bus or Mario’s Bikeshuttle : The bike shuttles in Tyrol and South Tyrol will transport you and your bike, or just your luggage, conveniently to your destination. This ensures a stress-free biking experience.

Link to list of bike shuttle services]

Bike shuttle service