Enduro biking on the Reschen Pass

Off-road fun with an adrenalin kick

Cycle path – everyone can do it. Mountain biking – it sounds exciting. But you’d like a little bit more adventure to your cycling?

You love it when you and your bike are completely at one with nature on holiday? You’ll ride on whatever terrain you can find, whether it’s rough, smooth or roots? Whether uphill or down? When you can’t carry on, do you just carry your bike on your shoulder without further ado?

Does this all sound like you? Then you are probably an ardent Enduro biker! The good news for you is, you’ll find the perfect playground for your hobby on the Reschen Pass! Surrounded by three countries, you’ll start your Enduro adventure with a bang ...

3-country Enduro trails

Three countries, three cultures – and unlimited off-road fun! On the brand-new 3-country Enduro trails, you will get to know the cycling region just as it was created by the god of holidays! Unspoilt nature, spectacularly pretty and so varied that every kilometre makes your heart soar. 

A quick detour on the Almtrail? A challenging day on the Bunker Trail? Or would you prefer an iconic ride on the impressive 3-Country Trail? In the tri-country region around Nauders you are spoilt for choice!

Almost all of the trails cross at least one, often even two borders – so ‘pushing the boundaries’ takes on a whole new meaning on an Enduro holiday in Nauders. You’ll see unforgettable sights over an action-packed 52 kilometres on the region’s most beautiful trails. An absolute feast for Enduro fans and would-be fans!

Adrenalin included! Discover the most spectacular Enduro trails in the tri-country region and set off on a mountain adventure with your bike!

To the most spectacular enduro trails tours
3-country Enduro trails - 25 trails 5 mountain lifts and 52 KM of trail fun!

Cruise into adventure in comfort

Of course, Enduro biking doesn’t just involve coming down a mountain, you also need to go up it. But that does not mean that you actually have to conquer each metre in the saddle, or by foot. After all, what are the mountain lifts around the Reschen Pass for? In summer, they are dedicated to providing unlimited cycling fun and carrying you and your bike up the mountain in comfort. Up on top, there are still plenty more uphill sections that you can conquer under your own steam, we promise! 

Enduro extra: it’s even easier to get to the great cycling with the 3-Country Bike Card. This allows you to use five mountain lifts and get to the starting point of the best Enduro trails quickly and easily.

The 3-Country Bike Card


Trail map