As fit and strong as a bull!

Around the rustic Stieralm there is a very special challenge for little riddle solvers – and a special reward: Anyone who can solve the eight riddles can pick up a surprise gift at the Stieralm.

If you have put your head to the test, you should not let your body rest. And that is why the puzzles are followed by the Fit Bull fitness course for young and old. You can put your dexterity, endurance and strength to the test eight times. 

Strong like a bull - fit like a rozzer

Puzzle trail & Fit-Bull fitness parcour to the Stieralm

Solve the eight riddle questions on the puzzle trail to the Stieralm and get your surprise gift! Various wooden sculptures by the local artist Christian Waldegger can be found at the eight stations.

As fit and strong as a bull
In the Bullzone, in addition to the puzzle trail, another challenge awaits holiday guests of any age.

At the eight stations in the Fit Bull fitness course, you can put your skills, endurance and strength to the test. Who can jump the highest? Who is the most flexible? And who is the strongest? An exciting competition between Mum, Dad, Uncle, Aunt and the kids...

Limitless mountain summer at the Reschenpass
3-Country Card


  • 7 cable cars
  • Free use of the mobility in A, CH & IT
  • Free entry at the fortress Altfinstermünz
  • and a lot more ...
  • 3 days: € 55,- for adults
  • 6in7 days: € 75,- for adults
All benefits & prices of the 3-Country Card at a glance