3 ways “Nature - Culture - Water”

Experience the diversity of one trail

Nature? Culture? Or do you prefer water? On one hike in Nauders you can have all of the above!

The secret has been out about the extreme versatility of Nauders as a holiday region for some time. You really notice it on the new ‘3 Ways’ hike. You can experience all three fascinating sides to the Tyrolean mountains on this family-friendly walking route.

The “3 Ways” walk offers a bit of everything; all kinds of nature, and plenty of it, a little pinch of culture and a whole heap of water. What do you get from this mixture? A memorable walking experience for all ages.

“Nature Culture Water”

Three trails, one experience

Walking with added value, that’s what you get from a hike on the “3 Ways” in Nauders. There is plenty for you to see and experience, not just oodles of beautiful scenery, but also a hint of culture and history. At the foot of the Piz Lad in Nauders, casual hikers and families can enjoy an adventurous trail with numerous high points.

Hiking tip: The best thing to take with you on the “3 Way” walk is the app that goes with it! Simply download it for free before the walk, and learn lots of interesting things along the way.


3-Wege Variante 1

Von der Talstation Mutzkopf für der Wanderweg Nr. 4 zum Naturteich Mösle. Entlang des Waalgweges wandern Sie weiter zum Pflanzgarten und weiter um den Wanderweg Nr. 5 zum Losschrofen. Hinter dem Losschrofen geht die Route weiter zum Schwarzsee, der über den Seeweg am Ufer umrundet wird. Zurück führt die Wanderung über den Naturweg Nr. 9b sowie den Weg Nr. 9d nach Riatsch und wieder zum Ausgangspunkt. 
Alternativ können müde Füße auch über den Weg Nr. 9 zurück zur Bergstation Mutzkopf wandern und mit dem Sessellift ins Tal fahren.

Ausgangspunkt: Talstation Mutzkopf
Dauer: 4 - 5 Stunden
Länge: ca. 10 Kilometer 
Höhenmeter: Aufstieg ca. 500 Höhenmeter, Abstieg ca. 500 Höhenmeter

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3-Wege Variante 2

Nach der Auffahrt mit dem Doppelsessellift Mutzkopf führt der Wanderweg Nr. 9 zum Einstieg des Naturwegs und dieser anschließend weitr über den Wanderweg Nr. 9b zum Schwarzensee. Entland des Ufers des tiefschwarzen Sees führt der Seeweg, welcher Einblicke in die Tier- und Pflanzenwelt rund um den Schwarzensee gibt. Weiter führt der Weg über Losschrofen und den Pflanzgarten Richtung Tal. Der Waalweg führt sie weiter Richtung Nauders und retour zur Talstation Mutzkopf.

Ausgangspunkt: Talstation Mutzkopf
Dauer: 3 - 4 Stunden
Länge: ca. 8 Kilometer
Höhenmeter: Abstieg ca. 500 Höhenmeter

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Section of the trail: Nature

Does a hike for you mean pure nature, above all else? Then the “3-way” walk is for you! The nature trail leads through idyllic mountain forests, across moors and stretches of water. Here you can get up close and personal with the flora and fauna of the Tyrolean mountains. The Mutzkopf lift will take you to the walk’s starting point in comfort. 

Section of the trail: Culture

Do you have any idea what a Waal is? No? Then you’ll have something to learn on your hike along the “3-way” walk! Because this trail takes you along the lower Schwarzseewaal. In times gone by, these Waals were used by farmers to irrigate their fields and pastures. So they played a central role in the region’s agricultural history – and have still not lost any of their fascination today.

Section of the trail: Water

The source of life and a fascinating element Of course, we can’t miss out water from our “3-way” walk, and this takes the form of the picture-perfect Schwarzsee. The surrounding area is not just an idyllic oasis of calm, but also a natural habitat for many of the regional plants and animals. You children will love listening to the frogs croaking in the springtime. 

Three ways, lots of opportunities

The variety offered by the “3-way” walk is also matched by the variety of opportunities this route has to explore. Do you set off, for example, in the direction of the natural pond, or in the opposite direction – each variation has its own appeal.

3 ways