Hike along the Edelweiss Way

See the queen of the alpine flowers

The Edelweiss, to many she’s the embodiment of the Alps, to others a legendary enigma.

Hikers from near and far are enchanted by the world-famous alpine flower with her star-shaped flowers. The Edelweiss Way in Nauders bears the name of the coveted plant with good reason. 

Thanks to the botanical significance of its location on the Reschen Pass, the renowned hiking trail passes magnificent meadows of Edelweiss. An extraordinary sight and most definitely an unforgettable holiday memory

Characterised by the most beautiful Alpine flower 

Picking is forbidden!

Between July and September, the meadows along the hiking trail are full of stars. In this case, they aren’t falling from the sky, but are actually blooming on the famous Edelweiss plant, yet they are no less enchanting to look at.

But no matter how beautiful they may look, you must not take the white Alpine stars home as a momento. This is because the Edelweiss is strictly protected and must not be picked! But to be honest, it would also be a great shame ...

Two trails, one experience

The Edelweiss Way takes experienced walkers along two different routes, via Parditsch towards Bazahler Kopf or via Labaun towards Fluchtwand. 

What do the two routes have in common? Stunning views and impressive mountain panoramas. Let your gaze wander over the border triangle to the Swiss Engadine and then the Vinschgau valley to the Ortler. What else is there to say about the two variations? You need to be quite surefooted! This means, bring your solid footwear, appropriate equipment and some mountain experience with you.

Route 1: Edelweiss walk - Fluchtwand 2,328 m

Edelweißwanderung – Fluchtwand 2.328 m

  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Starting point: Nauders
  • Endpoint: Fluchtwand
  • Duration: 7 h
  • Gain in altitude: 860 m
  • Length: 17 km
  • Highest point: 2,328 m

Route 2: Over the Edelweiss Way to Fluchtwand

Über den Edelweißsteig zur Fluchtwand

  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Starting point: Nauders
  • Endpoint: Nauders
  • Duration: 7 h
  • Gain in altitude: 1,133 m
  • Length: 14.6 km
  • Highest point: 2,310 m

Stop to enjoy a bite to eat

A hike on the Edelweiss Way is not just great eye candy, the well-known mountain trail in Nauders also looks after for your culinary wellbeing. Stop for a bite to eat at the Parditschhof eatery or the Labaunalm and enjoy regional delicacies paired with genuine Tyrolean hospitality. You will see ‘Brettljause’ (a wooden plate of ham, cheese, salami etc.), apple strudel etc. taste twice as good in the fresh Tyrolean mountain air. And they are guaranteed to give you strength for the descent back into the valley.

Is just thinking about a genuine Tyrolean Brettljause making your mouth water? Become acquainted with the culinary highlights of the region around Nauders – and fall in love with them!