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Mariahilfkirche Church

Mariahilfkirche Church
A gift of the Yeoman Ulrich Pingerra from Nauders, votive tablet on the southern wall. Altar from 1740, with a picture of the Virgin Mary, statues of St. Martin and St. Anthony the Hermit. Church consecrated in 1659, renovated in 1962/63. Bell by Hans Christoph Löffler, 1571. Construction and fittings form a unity of style and stand out due to the simple, yet dignified workmanship. The gold of the altar with richly dressed columns, chapters and beautifully profiled beams, the gold on the statues of St. Martin with the goose, and St Anthony the Hermit create a sharp contrast to the peaceful, light walls.
Opening hours
Open daily
Dr.-Tschiggfrey-Straße, 6543 Nauders