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3 routes - Variant Mutzkopf

The themed hike “Nature, Culture, Water” begins at the Kleiner Mutzkopf (1,812 m).
From there the route goes on Hiking trail no. 9 through an idyllic mountain forest to the “Nature trail”. This leads as Trail no. 9, past moorland and bodies of water, to the Schwarzer See. After going around the picturesque lakeshore with oases of calm, the route leads over the Losschrofen to the Plant garden (No. 5). Along Forest trail no. 5b, past many themed information boards, you reach the Mösle natural pond (barbecue facilities and forest playground). From there, take Trail no. 4 back to the Mutzkopf cable car. Of course, the route can also be walked in the opposite direction.
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