Hiking tour

Kobler Bergwiesen

Drive from Pfunds up the Kobl to the Kobler Alm car park. From the car park it is a short way back along the road, from there an easy path no. 1 branches off to the left into the forest. This path leads a short stretch through the forest to the mountain meadows at 2,074 m. Here you can admire the wonderful mountain flora such as arnica, kitchen bells, etc. in all its diversity. Also rewarding is a magnificent panoramic view of the neighbouring Engadine and the Ötztal Alps. A leisurely ride on towards the Kobler Alm. On the way back along the alpine path no. 2, the view goes to the triumvirate of Piz Mundin - Piz Alpetta - and Piz Mezid.

Tip: every Friday a hiking bus leaves for the Kobl
Highest point
Start point
Parkplatz Kobler Alm
End point
Kobler Alm

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