Tschuppbach - St. Georgen - Untertösens

Shortly before the Gasthof Tschuppach the path branches off to the right. The hiking trail leads slightly to moderately ascending to Stadelwies. At the crossroads the trail continues left to Serfaus and straight on to St. Georgen and Tösens. At the farm of the Müller Roman family, directly on the path - just above the chapel of St. Georgen, you will receive the key to the chapel. From here you have a beautiful view of the holiday village of Tösens and it is a good idea to take a short break. Below the chapel, a narrow path leads towards Tösens. At the bridge over the Inn in Tösens it is possible to visit the Roman bridge - an old stone arch bridge. Here several rafting boats pass the famous Tösner gorge every day. From the Inn bridge in Tösens you can get back to the starting point.

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